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Sebastian Vettel reveals Toto Wolff talks

Sebastian Vettel reveals Toto Wolff talks

Sebastian Vettel admitted he has had talks with Toto Wolff (Getty Images)

Sebastian Vettel revealed he has been speaking to Toto Wolff, and that the possibility of returning to the Formula 1 paddock has crossed his mind.

The German former racing driver has not competed in a race since 2022, but during his 15-year career, he won four World Championship titles in successive years from 2010 to 2013 with Red Bull.

Vettel remains the youngest champion in F1, when he won the drivers championship aged 23 back in 2010, and there is a chance he might try to be tempted back into the fold.

“There are bits that do excite me (about F1),” Vettel said, speaking to Kay Burley on Sky News.

“Of course when I talk about it, but there are also bits that don’t and I think when I stopped…”

When asked what he missed about the sport, Vettel said: “Well the thrill, the speed I think the competition mostly really. Driving quickly doesn’t… It’s not the only thing but it’s really the competition.”

Lewis Hamilton will race for Ferrari from the 2025 season (Getty Images)

Mercedes will have a spot to fill on their 2025 drivers roster following Lewis Hamilton’s surprise announcement to leave the team he has won six championships with.

Vettel raced for BMW Sauber, Red Bull and Ferrari during his career, and admitted he has been talking to those still active in the sport.

“I mean, obviously it (returning to F1) does cross my mind. I do think about it but it’s not the main thought. I have three kids at home. It’s busy every day. So there’s a lot of other thoughts that I have,” Vettel said.

“I’m speaking to Toto. I don’t know if it qualifies as (talking to) Mercedes, but about other things, you know, there’s ideas that I have, events that I’m planning going forward.

“So I did speak to a lot of other team principals as well. And not only about racing.”


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