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Arsenal learn Champions League possible qualifying opponents

Arsenal learn Champions League possible qualifying opponents

Arsenal learn Champions League possible qualifying opponents

The leagues around Europe have now concluded in all the countries and Arsenal now officially know which teams will be their  opponents in the Champions League qualifying round 1

There will be 16 teams playing in the Women Champions League, League path round 1. Those are teams that qualified as runner-ups or third placed teams in their respective league.

The first round is played as a knock-out stage with semi-finals and finals guaranteeing two games for every team.

Teams are split between seeded and unseeded teams. Seeded teams will play an unseeded team in the semi-final while they could play a seeded or an unseeded team in the semi-final.

Pot 2: unseeded

Most of the unseeded opponents would be beatable, but the finals could set Arsenal against Paris FC again, Frankfurt or Atletico. As we saw last season, it would be a difficult tie.

Should Arsenal make it through to the second round, there will be five seeded teams and five unseeded teams drawn for a home and away format.

Four teams will come from Round 1 while there will be six teams that have qualified directly through Round 2

Enter in round 2:

1 Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 98.966

2 Wolfsburg (GER) 92.799

3 Real Madrid (ESP) 41.633

Thanks to their 57.999 coefficients, Arsenal would be seeded in the Second Round making it easier, in theory, to make it to the Group Stage. Those Round 2 games would be played around the WSL matchday 1 and 2 and therefore would force the club to rotate the squad early in the season.

The draw will take place on 5 July in Nyon for round 1 and hopefully Arsenal will be able to host the mini-tournament as Borehamwood have indicated they would be happy to host in early September.

The full season schedule is as follows:


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